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Beat the freeze: 5 ways to protect your windscreen in winter news item

Beat the freeze: 5 ways to protect your windscreen in winter

With winter comes freezing temperatures, wind, rain and snow. All of which can cause havoc with your car. 

It's important to protect your windscreen during the winter as the road conditions, as well as the weather, can cause all sorts of issues. Here are five tips for protecting your windscreen in winter.

Avoid debris on the road

Wind, rain and snow can cause gravel, mud and other debris to cover the road. This usually collects at the edges and can get particularly bad on country lanes. Where it's safe to do so, avoid the sides of the road and drive towards the middle as this will stop any debris being picked up by your tyres.

Keeping your speed down will also help to avoid kicking up stones that could damage your paintwork or windscreen.

Keep your distance when following cars

It’s never a good idea to tailgate and in winter, stopping distances can be more than doubled, so take care. Not only do you reduce the risk of getting into an accident, but you’ll also be less likely to take a hit from a stone kicked up by the car in front.

A safe distance is usually two seconds on a dry road but this should be increased during winter as the damp or icy roads increase your stopping distance significantly.

Fix stone chips as soon as possible

A stone chip can quickly turn into a crack and this is the last thing you need during the winter. Thankfully, getting a chip fixed is quick and easy. Optic-Kleer UK has plenty of convenient locations, find your nearest one here.

Keep it clean

You'll be better able to identify chips in your windscreen if you keep it clean. The same goes for the rest of the glass around your car and your paintwork. In winter, stone chips on the bonnet and front-end of your car are just as common.

Waxing your car in winter, while tedious, is also a good way to protect your paintwork from the salt and dirt on the roads too.

Top up your fluids

The salt and mud on damp roads are easily flicked up onto your windscreen as your drive. With your windscreen heaters and wipers on, this can soon smear and impair your view.

With your windscreen washer reservoir properly topped up, it’s easy to clear your windscreen, which means you’ll have a better view of the road and the cars around you.

Cover your windscreen

A windscreen cover is a great way to protect your car against the damage an overnight frost can do. Not only will covering your windscreen save you time defrosting your car, but it’ll protect any existing cracks or chips from worsening thanks to the cold weather.

Keep your car properly maintained

In order to protect your windscreen and the rest of your car, you need to keep it in good condition. So, as well as keeping it clean with fluid levels topped up, ensure you keep a regular maintenance schedule.

Getting your car serviced regularly means it'll run smoothly during the colder months.

If you'd like to know more about winter travel, read this article on what you should keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

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