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Maintenance saves money: How to save money on your car news item

Maintenance saves money: How to save money on your car

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that the average UK household spent £554.20 every week in the financial year ending 2017. Nearly £80 of that went on transport, making it the top spending category. As well as buses and trains, cars can be costly. But there’s a surprising amount of cash to be saved by changing a few habits and making time for maintenance. From windscreen repair to tyre pressures, find out why taking time-out for car care can help slash eye-watering repair bills and other annoying expenses.

Pump up properly
Your owner’s manual will recommend the right oil for your vehicle - and it recommends it for a reason. Ensure you use the correct type and weight of oil. In addition, using the correct petrol or diesel, e.g. 95 RON, 98 RON, can prevent the metal surfaces of the engine from grinding together. This friction contributes to your fuel efficiency figures, so using the right oil and fuel is really important. Another nifty tip: have a look at PetrolPrices to find the cheapest fuels you can use. Saving just 5p a litre could add up to £100 saved annually for the average driver.

Keep your tyres at the right pressure
Proper pressure saves pounds. Don’t inflate tyres to the max - look for a sticker on your glove box or door jamb that has the correct pressure levels printed on it and go by that instead. If you can’t find it, it’ll be in your owner’s manual. Do this monthly with a tyre gauge to prevent costly (and dangerous) blowouts and improve your fuel efficiency.

Replace dirty air filters
This is a brilliant quick-fix money saver; a five-minute job. Basically, overused filters create dirty engines and reduce fuel economy. Fit a fresh air filter for every 30,000 miles you do (you’ll find a more precise figure for your particular model in the owner’s manual) and your engine will breathe more easily and work more efficiently.

Shop around for insurance
Comparison sites are brilliant for helping you save money while still getting the right level of cover you need. Have a good look around before you sign an insurer’s agreement but be aware that some insurance companies don’t appear on comparison sites. 

Get your hands (a bit) dirty
You don’t have to be confident with mechanics to carry out basic repair and maintenance jobs yourself. From fuses to lights, have a look on YouTube for how-to videos and learn the basics of under-the-bonnet yourself. Wiper blades can easily be replaced (although if the rubber is nicked due to windscreen damage, repair jobs by a professional are the best way to go). Don’t be tempted by DIY jobs with cheap buys such as windscreen crack filler kits - proper windscreen repair costs are competitive, great value and come with a lifetime guarantee. A windscreen repair is cheaper than the excess for a windscreen replacement. However, you’re welcome to use your insurance, where your excess can be as little as £10.

It’s often the simplest of faults that cause cars to fail MOT tests. Checking a few basics is common sense if you want to save money. Are your lights fully working - all of them? How’s your suspension? Any tension on your handbrake? From windscreen repair to brake fluid, read our MOT checklist to help discover what your car needs - and when. 

Used trusted repair services
This cannot be stressed enough when it comes to money-saving maintenance. As well as your owner’s manual, local repair services are your best friend. From unnecessarily replacing transmission fluid to windscreen glass crack repair for simple chips, some companies will recommend additional services you don’t really need.

Here at Optic-Kleer®, we don’t carry out fully cracked or broken windscreen repair jobs. But if it’s a stone chip you’re dealing with, we’ll fill and fix it before it becomes a costly crack - and won’t push you into pointless replacements. Find out more about our trusted and often free windscreen damage repair here

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