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Car insurance and windscreen repair: What you need to know news item
Car insurance and windscreen repair: What you need to know

Of course, you’ll want to try and get your windscreen repaired for free when you can. Here’s what you need to know about making a car insurance claim for a chip.

A chip can turn into a costly crack

While a chip may seem unassuming, especially if it’s well out of your field of vision, it can crack. All it takes is a speed bump or pothole to sufficiently rattle your windscreen to turn that untreated stone chip into a crack.

Windscreen repair services will fill a chip to stop it turning into a crack.

Is it illegal?

If a chip or crack is obscuring your vision when you drive your car then it could be considered illegal and would certainly be an MOT failure. Usually you can get away with a chip of up to 10mm in your direct field of vision, anything larger would require a full replacement.

A chip is always going obscure your vision less than a crack, all the more reason to get your windscreen repaired as soon as possible. Although, if there’s any chip larger than 40mm on your windscreen, you’ll need a full replacement.

Bear in mind, if you have an accident and try to claim on your insurance, an illegal crack could invalidate your cover.

Does my insurance cover chip repair for free?

When taking out a new policy, look at the documents to see exactly what’s covered. For most insurers, chip repair will be free with an excess to be paid on full windscreen replacement.

If you get a chip, it’s worth speaking to your insurer about next steps. Many will let you get it repaired then pay you back whereas others will insist you use their chosen windscreen repair company.

Am I covered if a chip cracks?

Most insurers won’t ask questions if you need to get a crack repaired. For most, you’ll simply have to pay an excess. Check your policy documents for more details of what is covered.

Many insurers will have a dedicated windscreen repair line that you can call for more information. This is a good thing to do if you’re unsure about your level of coverage or are worried about a chip turning into a crack.

How much will it cost?

Most insurers will cover a chip repair with no excess. If you need a replacement windscreen, the excess depends on your level of coverage with your insurer and could range from £10 up to £150.

Will it affect my no claims?

Any glass repairs shouldn’t affect your no claims bonus but some insurers might have tricky policies surrounding this. For example, you might get to keep your no claims bonus but won’t earn any more during the year in which you claim for windscreen repair.

It’s also unlikely that your premiums will go up the following year after claiming. Very few insurers rate on these small repairs.

Do I need to use a specific company?

Some insurers may need you to use a specific company in order to cover the repair. Again, speak to your insurer or check your policy documents for details.

What paperwork will I need to fill out?

Usually the paperwork on a chip repair is minimal but Optic Kleer makes things easy for you by completing all the insurance paperwork. Just get your chip repaired, hand over your insurance details and we’ll do the rest.

When can I drive my car after a repair?

You can usually drive your car straight after your windscreen has been repaired. If your whole windscreen has been replaced, though, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for the sealant to dry. 

Is my windscreen covered under warranty?

If you buy a new car and immediately get a chip from a stone, it’s unlikely to be covered under the manufacturer’s standard warranty. If your windscreen cracks due to being improperly installed, however, it’s worth getting in touch with the manufacturer as this is more likely to be covered under any standard warranty.

How long is the warranty on the windscreen repair?              

Every chip repair from Optic Kleer comes with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.  A windscreen chip repair is covered under our warranty by a money back guarantee should something go wrong with the repair.

This will vary with other repair companies so check the level of warranty and service you’re getting.

If you’re confused as to what’s covered by your insurer, give them a call. An advisor will be able to tell you exactly what your policy includes and what you need to do to ensure your chipped or cracked windscreen is repaired quickly and conveniently.

Even if you’re not covered by your insurer, Optic Kleer offers windscreen repair for as little as £48. Just pull up, go shopping and when you come back the chip will have been expertly filled.

If you’d like more information on what Optic Kleer offers when it comes to chip and windscreen repair, as well as where to find us, take a look here.

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